Seats for kids

My wife and I have just gotten back into kayaking, we’ve been out of it for several years since we had kids. They are now 7 and 3 and we have been taking me out on outr old Malibu Ocean Kayaks and just having them sit up front. But after a while they complain about their bottoms getting sore and itchy. Any advice on putting cushions up front for them? I don’t want to put seats up there because they sometimes spin around in place.

Thanks in advance

Square flotation cushions?
Such as Stearns makes:

They’re thick and pretty comfy as seat cushions. Before I sold my pontoon boat, I used one in the captain’s chair to cushion my back.

Rookie nailed it
Can’t have too much flotation in the boat with kids either. Depending on how long you’re out, you can get the bleacher chairs that fold and have padded bottoms. The backrest sometimes makes the difference.

Thanks for replies, going to try them out and see how the kids like them.