SEATS for my 1972 Sears canoe

Just picked up a Sears model 61045 15ft aluminum canoe, my first canoe. It’s old but in good shape. But one of the seats is coming unraveled.
Let’s get his replaced!! What’s my best bet? What should I go with? My wife and I will be using it so something comfortable.

Post a picture :laughing:


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I don’t know about canoes but many here do. Help!

If the seat frame is intact just get some flat polyester webbing and weave a continuous piece to make a new seating surface. You can find videos and photos on the internet showing how to do this. I have found that 1 1/2" wide webbing usually works best.

Polyester webbing is best because it has high UV resistance and doesn’t stretch much when wet. It is also soft. If you can’t find it you can use polypropylene or nylon webbing. Nylon webbing is usually softer but will stretch a bit when wet.

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Because you said comfortable and not knowing your usage or where you plan to paddle here is an option I did and comfort was my goal.

There are seat backs for canoes you can buy, but I bought a Wal-Mart stadium seat back about 20 bucks and took off all the junk on the bottom I didn’t need and then attached it to the boat. I find it doesn’t get in the way to paddle I use a double blade 260cm kayak paddle and when I’m fishing or floating along the back support and the contoured breathable seat is great. Plus it folds down for hauling.

I would add some wood seats, which are easy to find and add some class. White ash with black webbing.