Seattle Sombrero?

Does anyone know anything about the Seattle Sombrero?

I see that there is another thread about it, but since it gives and unsolicited recommendation I’m afraid to look at it.

Whatever it is
they are on sale at REI

I’ve got a couple of them
The Seattle Sombrero, I think, is one of the best rain hats out there. The Goretex keeps it cool and dry. I’ve had one for about 5 years and it’s never leaked.

It’s nice that the brim covers well at the back, keeping water drips on the outside of your PFD.

It may not be the most stylish hat around, but when I’m out paddling, I’m more concerned with being cool than looking cool. :wink:

I’ve got two of them and when the time comes for a replacement, I won’t think twice about another one.


I like my Seattle Sombrero.
It’s great on those windy days that would blow a stiff brimmed hat right off of your head. The floppy brim flexes with the wind.

Can’t speak to the Sombrero but I have the Helios hat for sun. Does a great job in the summer. Also keeps rain off my hesd and I believe it is slightly less weight than the Sombrero. I LOVE the Helios.

I have one. Great rain hat. Good sun hat too, unless it’s really hot out. There isn’t a lot of circulation inside so it can be a tad warm on really hot days.

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I had one and hated it

Posted by: yetiman on Mar-09-08 3:04 AM (EST)

because I paid good money for it and somebody swiped it 10 days after I bought it.

I have had my Tilley Air Flow for 6 years and love it, mostly because it actually keeps my head cool in hot weather.

And if somebody steals it in the first two years at least you can get another one at a discount.

And if it ever wears out they will replace it for the cost of shipping.

I’m just saying…

Seattle Sombrero
My wife and I both have one and wear it every paddle unless the temp. gets too high then it’s too warm, just like anything make with Gortex.


Offseason sale shopping
Recently bought the seattle sombrero for hubby and I - looks great for cool or cold weather paddling as it is fairly thick. Also bought the nimbus sombrero -very similar to the seattle sombrero but much lighterweight -probably better for summer - good reviews on this one for hiking -now to get rid of this snow and ice!

2yr test
I am just catching up on my forum reading, so am a bit late posting on this.

i had a Seattle sombrero for 2 years in the peace corps. its packable and pretty much bomb proof. good in rain and sun and very durable. i still have it, but don’t use it as the brim has lost its umphf. It seems to use a combination of the cut of the hat and some sort of foam filler in the brim. that makes it float nice, but over time, it just looses its stiffness and sags, particularly if you pack it much. i don’t think there is anything out there than can be packed and keep its shape any better. oh yeah, the velcro allows for use on a motor boat or if the wind is really up.

i don’t use it anymore, instead i buy the $6 straw hats at the grocery store i assume are for gardening. they work great and you can get a replacement anywhere.


I heart the baseball cap
So many varieties. I have a wool one with pull down ear covers, a goretex one, a running one (actually gets paddling use because it wicks and breathes great), and plain cotton ones. One even has a fold-down neck cover!

I prefer a baseball cap , but they
offer no temple protection. Temples are very susceptible to sun damage / melanoma.