Seaward Acente kayak????

Anyone have any experience with this boat? I found a used one at a reasonable price and am thinking of getting it. I have only found limited reviews of the boat.

It would be used in the Monterey Bay area.



Matt, I have a friend locally
with one. You might be able to test paddle hers.

Is the person selling it a woman? Maybe it is my friend? She has not been able to paddle due to an injury. If it’s my friend’s boat, it’s a very beautiful boat, but I haven’t paddled it. I have only padled alongside her:)If it is my friend, she is a former kayaking instructor and tour guide who wanted a nice touring boat for trips.

Thanks for replying to my post----you have been replying to most all of my posts lately. No, it is not your friend who is selling it, it is actually Kayak Connection. I will probably go there to test paddle it this weekend. From what I have read it looks like a good boat. I am sure that it will be fast and a good tracker, but not sure about the comfort, fit and handling and stability. Those are the factors that I will need to evaluate more closely.

Do you know if your friend wants to sell hers? I would imagine hers would be in better shape and maybe she can offer a better deal than KC.

thanks again


Hi Matt, I put a call into my friend
and it’s not her boat and she doesn’t want to sell hers. However, she thinks it’s possible that they may still be trying to sell the boat that was orginally made for her in error (she wanted kevlar). Is it glass with a blue deck and purple trim? If so, that is a boat that has been sitting in the shop for awhile, and they maybe willing to negotiate the price. There were no problems with the boat, it just wasn’t the boat she ordered and wanted.

I work this weekend, but it looks like Sunday may be a nice day for a demo.

Feel free to email me if you have more questions. I am not sure I can answer them, but I will try.

Good luck!


I have Paddle the boat twice
and I bought one. This makes my third boat. It is the sports car of Kayaks. If you get a chance go try it out, you’ll see. It can handle big seas the last time I was out in 5’ rollers on lake Michigan with 10 to 15 Mph wind blowing on shore. The boat tracked well, very well. I wish I could tell you more but I don’t get my boat for two more weeks. George

BTW, I read in your profile that your
favorite paddling spot is Arkansas. My sister moved there last year, and I hope to get out to visit sometime this year. Any paddling spots to recommend?

Arkansas has lots of good paddling…
Up until this December I lived in Oklahoma so I made lots of trips to Arkansas.

There is lots of great whitewater there—don’t know if you are into whitewater or not…

As far as touring type paddling though, you have to paddle the Buffalo River. It was probably the best trip I have ever made (of any type). Absolutlely incredibly beautiful. Very rain dependent though. If you go to the national forest webpage for the Buffalo there is a river gauge link there that you can check periodically.

Where in Arkansas does she live???

i have one.
it’s for sale on the classified ads. it can be yours for only $2300 cheap Canadian dollars!!

i’ve had it a couple of years, bought it new. it’s got an extra inch on the deck which is unofficially known as the high volume version.

it is a fast and straight tracker, good in all conditions. i’ve paddled it on a 2 week trip on lake Superior and it was very comfortable. Seaward is known for excellent build quality.

why am i selling? i’m used to turn oriented boats from a whitewater background. when i paddled a Nigel Dennis boat for the first time, i fell in love with Brit style kayaks and have paddled many since. now i’ve bought one and though i love my Seaward- i can’t justify owning 2 multi thousand dollar sea kayaks.

it’s a great boat all around but i prefer a sharp turning boat with lots of rocker.

California and Manitoba aren’t too far apart, if you swing by my place i can show you the boat :wink:


My sister lives in London, Arkansas,
near Russellville. She is about half a mile from Lake Dardanelle. She doesn’t paddle, but I keep telling her I think she would like flatwater paddling (she loves the outdoors and hiking, and it’s one of the reasons she moved there, when trying to escape the high cost of living in California)

I have heard wonderful things about the Buffalo River.