Seaward Aurora

Looking for some info on the Seaward Aurora. I just purchased a boat in real good shape manufactured 2005. Having a difficult time locating good info on this boat. I’m hoping some owners out there can help. Is it a good boat? I needed a bigger cockpit and this one has plenty of room for me. I have been told conflicting numbers on how much weight it can carry - paddler and cargo. I wrote Seaward and they replied 300 lbs. I had heard 400lbs so I replied back and asked if the 300lb # was a typo. They replied back, 350lbs but like to err on the light side. I wrote a Seaward distributor kayak shop in Portland and received a more thorough response (answered all my questions)and they stated 425 lbs. Any idea? Also, the hatches are not covered with a neoprene cover but hard cover with gaskets. Any owners have issues with the hatch covers leaking??? Any info appreciated. Thank you.

I don’t know that boat, but weight
capacity in sea kayaks has an unavoidable element of subjectivity. Once you are used to the way the boat behaves at a day touring load, add the amount of weight you would need if you were going to camp for a couple of overnights. See how it feels then. The boat should tell you whether putting even more weight aboard will make it handle badly.

Seaward Auroa
Thanks G2D. Just got back from my first paddle with the new-old boat. It doesn’t cut like my old one but the cockpit is bigger and I have more leg room. Trades off I can handle. I’ll play with it and figure it out. Thanks again for your input.