Seaward Endeavor

Beginning kayaker here looking to get an intermediate glass touring yak. I’m looking at a used Seaward Endeavor. At 6’2" 190lbs is this enough boat for me and will it allow me to develop my skills without overwhelming me initially? Any opinions on the manufacturer and quality of this boat as well as suggestions of other boat makes or models I should check out appreciated. Thanks in advance…

get it
I paddled one only a short distance but it felt efficient and maneuverable with the skeg providing weathercocking control,it would be worth getting more opinions from folks who’ve paddled it in the conditions you’re going in but I didn’t get the impression that it had any flaws that would inhibit skills development. You will need to learn to roll if you’re going into waves. It’s not tippy but with your height it won’t be like a 24" wide ruddered boat.