Seaward Factory Tour...

I’m at the start of a slow process of acquiring a tandem touring kayak for my GF and I. One of the companies that topped my list is Seaward Kayaks.

Since I live on Vancouver Island I decided to head up to their factory and check it out to inform myself about the options. I am blogging info and photos from that tour because I figured folks that have to buy a Seward Kayak remotely might enjoy a behind the scenes look at the factory.

I’ve done a lot of paddling in Baja [where I head most winters], but I’ve never owned a high end boat and never owned a tandem so I’m taking my time figuring things out and working on getting a demo paddle to make sure I get the right boat.

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You REALLY want a tandem?
It’s been my experience that a tandem is a great way to insure she becomes your ex-GF!

All is see there is roving and mat.

Clearly some couples love tandems…

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We've tried the single bike thing and then tried a tandem bike. We never ride single bikes together anymore as well love the tandem.

I've been on an 8 week tour with an ex-GF in single boats and it was a huge strain on our relationship due to our vastly different paddling speeds. We agreed that things would be much better in a tandem.

I will report back once we get our tandem.

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I have always thought that Seaward
makes beautiful boats.

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I’ve spent a lo of time in the Passat G3’s, really great boat, not much wider where you sit than many singles, would love to own one someday. That would be my vote for a double, holds more gear than you would think, really capable expedition boat, fast and seaworthy.

Currently own a NF Shadow built by Seaward, also a great boat, although the layup is heavy, a real beast.

Good luck!