Seaward kayaks finish?

Are seaward kayaks finished in

gelcoat or paint?


My 2002 build sure looked like gelcoat.

Never seen a Seaward that wasn’t gel coat. Have no idea how they would finish that layup without gel coat.

Agree, definitely gelcoat. They aren’t common here in FL but I’ve seen a few in person.

Were you wondering about the fades? Seaward loves to do those on their boats. Mirage does as well and I really like the fade on mine.

gelcoat the paint? They have all the fancy fades.

Nope just gelcoat, unless someone has painted over it later. The fades can be done in gelcoat as it is sprayed in the mold. Mine is original gelcoat, 22 years old now.


The older boats didn’t have fancy fades. Regardless, as above the fades are entirely doable in gel coat.

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all gelcoat I ask the factory. They have some boats on sale .

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Gelcoat 100% … I live about 45 minutes from the “store” and visit often

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