Seaward Quantum?

Does anyone have any good or bad experience with the Seaward Quantum? It will be a decent drive for me to check one out, so I’d like to get some opinions before I drive down there. I’m 6’2", 170 lbs - I do day trips up to 3 day trips (so far). I don’t really see too much reviews except for what is linked off their website.


it’s a very nice boat
Seaward construction is legendary. Excellent attention to detail. I personally prefer a “boxier” shaped hull (like a Chatham or Explorer); the Quantum has a rounder, multi-chined hull. But that’s just personal preference. The “paddle float” seat also strikes me as gimmicky (I try to imagine a scenario in which you would use your paddle float and then be able to get it back under your seat; I’m still imagining). And it’s got a painter, another Seaward feature. But it’s a very good looking boat, a very nice lay-up.

What is a painter?

click on “painter” here