Seaward Tyee

Looking to buy a Seaward Tyee. Wondering if anyone owns or has had experience with this kayak?

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Your dream is answered.

(CO) seaward tyee kevlar solo kayak with paddles, skirt, compass, tule saddles, and pd designs back brace. excellent condition. bought new and used very little. only $1500! e-mail for info and pictures -- Submitted by: yarnelled

You could email him and see what he thinks, why he's getting rid of it, etc.

And here are three other's to contact.

Good luck. Sounds like a nice boat, I have never heard of it much before, but seesm to get good reviews.

not with
the Tyee but I own a Cosma, have owned a Luna and Endeavour. Seaward boats are the best made in the industry and will last longer than we will. The Tyee looks like a good boat to have some efficincy yet be able to photograph, observe wildlife etc.

Not the Tyee
But I do own a Seaward Ascente, so I can only speak about Seawards in general. They make a very nice, quality boat, and I have no complaints about mine.

Limited knowlege
A friend has one in her lesson fleet. It’s a big person boat. The V hull can feel tender for beginners. The quality is good - like you would expect from Seaward.

Thanks everyone for your input regarding Seward kayaks and the Tyee. Looks I’ll be the owner of a Seward Tyee in the near future. I’ll post a review when I get time in the seat.

i paddled it once
when i was a total newbie, paddled it back to back with a Boreal Muktuk and wasn’t impressed with Tyee’s performance. It seemed to have OK speed, good stability, BIG boat with lots of capacity for a paddler built like a trucker and his kitchen sink. very well made,like all seawards…Think fiberglass Necky Eskia(if they ever made one), but less manouverable and less weathercocking.