Seawind Speed

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How fast is a Kruger Seawind?

as fast as it looks

cruising speed comparison
Some data on Sea Wind speed from my tests:

During 300 mile WaterTribe Everglades Challenge 2004 I was doing not more 3 mph with fully loaded (perhaps overloaded) Sea Wind:

Well, I wasn’t the last one in the race despite paddling a longer course through Everglades and taking some time for video making.

Thanks MW. I can see you are
a data driven individual. Engineer perhaps?

The Seawind speeds are better than I thought they would be.

Seawind speed
Very helpful, MW! I am impressed with the Seawind’s speed in your hands.

For my money, the Seawind’s is competing against the Bell Wildfire (my current fastest boat) and some expedition kayak (perhaps somewhat comparable in ability to handle the open waters).

If one could stand to paddle a sea kayak all day, every day, would that be the better choice for wind and the ocean, do you suppose?

wind and ocean + speed
The Sea Wind eats up the miles pretty easily, which is just as important as absolute speed. I used to paddle with a friend who owns a Sea Wind. I was paddling a Wenonah Prism at the time. The two boats were pretty comparable speed-wise.

The Sea Wind does just fine in wind and waves. It was designed to handle adverse conditions with a pretty good sized load.

Whether you’d prefer a Sea Wind or a kayak is a personal choice. The only thing I find disappointing about the Sea Wind is that you have to use the rudder (that may be a bit of an oversimplification), so you can’t plan on switching between kneeling and sitting to give your muscles a break. However, the seat does adjust to different heights, and it is pretty comfortable. I find a sea kayak to be just as comfortable if it is outfitted properly. You will be able to get to your gear more easily in the Sea Wind than in a kayak.

I’ve only paddled one a few times, but it is a heck of a nice boat.

sanity returns
Okay, I already sang the Sea Wind’s praises. Now I’ll answer your question. Not as fast as a Voyager.

what about…
with a good headwind on open water? voyager still faster? that’s the big wenonah solo, right. i’ve not paddled either boat, although i’d love to take either boat for a day…maybe more.

Wenonah when the wind blows…
I own three of the fast Dave Kruger designed Wenonah solo hulls: Advantage, Encounter and K-160 and I’ve had short-term opportunities to paddle C2G’s Voyager and Mcwood’s Seawind.

As a common trait, the Wenonah’s perform really well when plowing into a headwind. The Advantage, K-160 and Voyagers will readily bounce between 5 & 6 MPH for extended distances and the Encounter, while about 15% slower, is without rival when heavily loaded and crossing big waters. Move the wind to the stern and the boats behave rather oddly, but with a change to trim and adaptive techniques they’ll continue to move really well.

The challenge is dealing with a strong and constant beam wind. In my opinion the Seawind begins to really show it’s strength relative to the Wenonah designs when dealing with the challenge of a beam wind. I found the Seawind a surefooted pleasurable paddle, but for most purposes I’ve a personal preference for the speed of the Wenonah hulls. C2G makes a strong arguement for the Voyager with a Cook cover as a solution for dealing with the wind.

Ok what is a k-160? is it like a Ji90 or any of th eother J-boats?

My wife once again gave me
permission to order a Seawind, but I’m sticking with the Voyager with cover for now.

Permisson granted

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I also currently have spousal permission to order a Seawind. I have even been granted a LOA to drive out to Michigan for a test paddle. I just don't quite yet have the courage to spend the bucks. I am thinking a few more hours in a sea kayak will do the trick.

That is really my situation , also.
I just can’t get off that kind of money for a canoe. And then wait 7 months.

The K-160 was the Dave Kruger alternative to the J series. Like it’s cousin, it’s a fast comp solo that tracks like it’s on rails. Having paddled both J and K I find the K a bit more stable and more capable of handling larger chop (I primarily paddle the Chesapeake area - open water, narrow tributaries and many boat wakes). The boat is a 17’ hull that by design can easily support larger paddlers (I’m down to @ 200 lbs but Dave Kruger advises it can perform for up to @ 250 lbs paddler as well). It was a nice design, but one that Wenonah decided not to continue. A year ago I managed to pick my somewhat distressed hull off an ebay listing.

IMHO the K-160 allows me to stay in a 17’ vs. 18’6" hull, and provides me a bit more maneuverability on a somewhat more sure-footed platform. The design may not be as fast as the J series but the trip may be drier.

Last year we had a short 10 mile race on the Broadkill in DE - 4 solo’s in a broad class, two Js, my K-160 and a built to spec pro. Conditions were strong headwinds, 90+ degree heat, narrow shallow river with an opposing falling tide, and occasional powerboat traffic. End result, one J dumped twice and DNF, I dropped the other J in a confused portion of the river and finished 5 min 35 sec ahead. Boats however do have their limits as I finished second, 16:53 behind the pro.

For the 13 mi Wye River race in 9/03, we had three solo’s in class, a carbon J (paddled by the now two year Clinton class G (Mens C1-70) winner), my k-160 and C2G in his covered Voyager. Conditions presented a mild stern quartering wind that became a strong headwind for the final 6 miles and a 20 min spurt of rain near the midpoint. The marvelously paddled J finished a huge 30:23 ahead of me and the Voyager finished well but 6:52 behind my open K.

Any sea kayakers out there?
I am hoping that some of you sea kayakers out there will jump in.

Tell us that you’ve paddled your sea kayak with your Seawind friend, and one of you has trouble keeping up the pace, in what sourt of conditions? Tell us that you switched from Seawind to sea kayak and why?


Faster than you can paddle String!


Then wharever you do, do not paddle one!
Cause if you do your money will be spent and you will have a Sea Wind!!!


Then wharever you do, do not paddle one!
Cause if you do your money will be spent and you will have a Sea Wind!!!