Seayak/Kodiak - wrong beam size?

I was paddling a Prijon Kodiak this past weekend, and was convinced it was narrower than the 24.5 inch beam (62cm) that is listed on North American sites like I recall some earlier discussions wherein Prijon owners reported narrower beams. So…

  1. The German catalogue found at lists the beams as Kodiak 59cm (23.2") and Seayak 58cm (22.8").

  2. The USA site at lists the beams as Kodiak 62cm (24.5") and Seayak 61cm (24.0").

    Are these boats made differently for European or North American markets, or did someone once do an improper conversion from cm to inches that got stuck in a lot of catalogues? The proper conversion is 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

German specs are correct NP

Thanks - how do you know?
Thanks, but how do you know this? If indeed the case, then most north american catalogues have the dimension specs wrong.

I owned a
Seayak and measured three others. Thought maybe I had an oddball!

I also measured a couple of Kodiaks while I was in Boulder, CO a year ago.

Once, while on the phone with the folks at Wildwasser, I advised them of the discrepancy but they didn’t seem to concerned.

Great boats by the way.