Second Kayak advice?

I had an Old Town Dirigo 140 for a few years and it was nice. No real complaints with it but I did end up selling it. My plan is to get another kayak in the next few months but I have some questions.

First of all, when is the best time of year to buy? I assume off season but in the South it doesn’t get that cold so I’m not sure when that is???

I have never tried a sit on top so I am inclined to get another sit inside. Can anyone tell me what I would miss out on it I went sit on top?

I think I want a 10 ft. I’m pretty set on it. It’ll take up a bit less room in the garage and be a bit lighter although the dirigo was only ~50+ pounds. Be a little easier to maneuver.

I wouldn’t mind another Old Town. The Vapor 10 looks nice and seems like a smaller version of what I’ve had. I also saw a Heron XT (9 ft) at Cabelas that looked nice. I also saw a Vapor 10 Angler model at Academy. I don’t fish but from looking at the regular Vapor compared to the Vapor Angler, the physical shape looks identical. Would the tracking be about the same as my old Dirigo?

Also, I check Craigslist from time to time and still will but I’m not seeing a whole lot.

My paddling is only occasional in small rivers, etc. No oceans.

Any suggestions?

If you can.
Find a place where you can try out a few sea kayaks and then figure out where you can store one, or more.

You don’t say where in the South
Here on the gulfcoast Craigslist has best offers for low end rec boats in Sep/Oct I’ ve noticed. Better boats go up for sale early in spring when people are upgrading. It definitely runs in cycles so if you don’t have much now just wait it out.

My take on kayaks sold at Dick’s, Academy, Bass Pro, or Cabella’s they are pretty much all the same so don’t over think it.

your mind is
made up and you want a 10ft boat. compare weight, capacity, range of capabilities and price. you know what you want, go get it. don’t let too many other options sway you away from what best suits you. every boat is a compromise. the more you can focus on what YOU want, the less you have to compromise.

sit on top
22’ graphite surf ski !

Whatever you do and if possible, try
before you buy. You’ll find a short boat will not track as good as the 14’ one you already have. Depending on how you take a stroke, on a short on, you may find the bow moving quite a bit with each entry in the water.

Me personally–I’d never go back to the shorties. My shortest one is a 12’9" OT Castine and the longest is a Necky Manitou 14. In winter, I use one of the OT Loon 111’s.

Best of luck in your search and have fun on the water.