Second paddle this year

Couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful morning. Light breeze, lots of big clouds, temps in the 70s.
We paddled at Twin Lakes near Clemson. Not in any hurry at all. A power boater said we looked really relaxed. He was right.
I used to love knocking out miles. Not so much any more. Too much to enjoy at a slower pace.


For sure. We did a dog training paddle yesterday on a local pondish size lake. Paddled at most two miles noticing the spring colors and saying a LOT of Good Boy! Our water hating dog was just fine in the canoe and fell asleep

A nice affirmation that when we go on a canoe trip in about three weeks he can come without drowning us.

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Congrats on gettIng on the water. Hope you’ve found a new paddling partner.

Nice. Glad you got out to drop a little “weight.” --Got 20 miles scheduled on the Susquehanna for this Sunday(but I may have to cut it back to 12 myself, just to enjoy some similar slower pace.

Thanks guys. My partner today is a hard core road biker but does enjoy paddling. The only difficult part of the whole trip is getting out of the boat and standing up. It takes minutes for my legs to become marginally functional , but we got it done.
If anyone is watching , the difficulty is apparently obvious. A guy on the next ramp had just launched , stopped half way up the ramp and offered to let me sit on his trailer until I got functional. I declined but appreciated the offer.