Second person on an RTM Tempo

Hello dear friends!
I am about to buy my first non inflatable canoe. I live in Greece and will use the cayak only during summer. For about 95% of my trips i am alone, but i want to be able to take my nephew or my girlfriend with me once or twice a year for a small trip of about 20 minutes. I love and i am about to order the RTM Tempo. You think i could have a second, light, person at the front of the canoe? My other choice is Bic Java which will most probably do the job, but i prefer the Tempo!

Neither of those models has room for a passenger. They are molded sit on tops designed for a single paddler. You might be able to carry a dog on the bow but not another person. Not only would it be very uncomfortable for a passenger to have to straddle the cargo compartment but it would unbalance the boat and since both are fairly short kayaks (4.5 meter or less) you would have a hard time paddling with someone sitting ahead of you.

If you want to have capacity for an occasional passenger you need to look at other models, like the modular Point 65 series… The only way to safely convert a solo boat to a tandem is to be able to move the seat position so that the paddlers’ weights are balanced. You can’t do that with molded sit on tops where the paddler position is fixed. You would be better off sticking with higher quality inflatables or folding kayaking like the Scansport Pakboat XT-16 or Puffin Saranac, which can be converted from solo to tandem.