Secret Pond

Well, not so secret but not easy to get a canoe into it. My friend Jay & I found it last year while exploring back a bay off of the Little Maple River (creek really) south of Sleepy Hollow State Park (Michigan). To get there by canoe we Launched at the boat launch on Lake Ovid, paddled south to the Price Road bridge (far to low to slip under), portaged the road & poked back up the bay as far as possible. From there it is a marshy bushwack drag with some briars to the dam that creates the pond. It’s about a mile around the pond & even though it is just off of Price Road & a trail follows an esker on the Southwest edge it felt quite peaceful and remote. A perfect thing to do on an early spring Sunday afternoon.

We had the paddle planned for Saturday but the weather was 30s & rain/snow at first and high winds coming in at some point in the afternoon. Jay I I have done enough type II+ fun that we don’t need to prove that we can do a sufferfest. Also I was home when the wind hit & it hit fast and hard. Anyond out on the lake, even a small lake like Lake Ovid, would be in trouble.

Bushwack portage - I was pulled off balance by a thorn bush going over those logs & took a tumble.

Skunk Cabbage with a flower bud

the Secret pond.


Based on the access, it may remain remote.

I imagine when the weather gets hot, and the mosquitoes, ticks and other insect denizens come out… It turns into "Double Top Secret Pond.":wink: