Section of the Boardman in Michigan

Me and another are going to paddle a small section of the Boardman on Saturday morning. Any suggestions; we’re both decent paddlers and will have solo river canoes.

The first section down to Brown Bridge Dam looks easy. Should I expect to drag bottom on the backwaters of the Dam?

What about the second section, from Brown Bridge Dam to Beiter Road Bridge. We’re not going to do the rapids below that…thanks…

Never been on that section.
We paddled downtown area and out to the bay , as the ice hadn’t melted off the river last spring. Good luck and have fun.

the Boardman

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I've done a canoe race from Brown Bridge dam down to the downtown. The river is very windy below the dam down to the rapids. There are a lot of little bridges to go under as well. There are trails to portage around the rapids. In the canoe race, we have to portage around the rapids. Below the rapids, it starts to be a lot of dam backwaters. In the one dam pond below the rapids, you have to watch where you go or you can get stuck out in the pond (and have to get out and drag a little bit).

I thought they were removing that damn
don’t know for sure tho.

If not, the backwaters are very shallow. The rapids are quite fun but a bit boney too. You wouldn’t want to take a racing canoe through them for sure.

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Anyway, still want to know about the first section of this river.

How about the first section of the Betsie, from the dam at the lake (where the campground is) down about two or three bridges…

Brown Bridge Dam
All the dams were there as of July. In the canoe race, you have to paddle out into the Brown Bridge Dam Pond and come back and portage the dam and head towards town. I had heard it is shallow where the river enters the backwaters of the dam, but i’ve never paddled up that far.

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How is that malecite???
Hello “Wildwater”, I was one of the people you outbid on Ebay for that malecite in Indiana.

Having been burned once on an Ebay canoe purchase, I set a limit for myself of $500 (Actually, I think my wife set that limit!!!). This seemed to have even more of a “pig in a poke” than my first bad experience. Have you picked it up? How did it go?