sectional canoe

With the growth our family, it lookings more and more like we’ll have to switch to a canoe. Space is an issue. Seen them around but never thought of one for myself until now. Does anyone do them in kevlar?

I’d be sure you really don’t have room
You might be surprised how well you can squirrel away a canoe when you really put your mind to it.

Chestnut had them in cedar canvas
Not sure if many are around after fifty or so years but I remember reading an old catalog that showed one that the ends unbolted. They would have some value.

how about a folder?

just a thought if the sectional thing does not work out.

Sectionals and folders are free, on
many whitewater rivers in North America.

Paknoat for sale on Classified
I am currently selling a PakBoat in the classified section. (shameless self promotion)


Rent one for $30 per 1/2 day for the
2-3 times per year you’re likely to use it.

wood strip ?
I saw a 2 piece war canoe up in the Adirondacks. It was built that way due to space considerations in the work shop. I see no reason why a shorter canoe couldn’t be made more in keeping with your requirements. 6 oz. glass is pretty tough although heavier then an ultralight kevlar. Is there any reason why you can not just store the canoe outside?