Sectional take apart kayaks

I have not found any resources about these sectional take apart kayaks ?? I know that there are tons of foldable skin kayaks out there that are as sea capable as a traditonal hardshell.

VCP offers these sectional kayaks, just wondering if anyone has any exp or resources to this matter.

Ask GRO, MIKCo, etc…
Valley, NDK, and Kajak-Sport all offer sectional as an option.

I would think that Tom Bergh (MIKCo) and Stan Chladek (GRO) would have worthwhile information.

You could build your own:

volksyak (I think) or a standard S&G. Someone did a Tern14 in 3 pieces that fit in the back of his truck. Search the archives on The best of all worlds. Sectional, hard skinned, portable. Can’t lose.


(no bias towards sof/folders expressed or implied. Extreme bias towards S&G. Love the look of wood.)

Did not mean to flame
Just trying to tell you that the sectional will, in the main, be a bit faster than the folder. And in my opinion a glass VCP or NDK sectional will be tougher in a rock landing (who worries about beach landings anyway). I am not a big fan of lightweight materials in british boats but they do heavy glass pretty well most of the time. I have also never seen a nautiraid boat and hear great things about them.

Folders are very good for what they do, so are sectionals but lets face it: three large pieces of luggage vs. one good sized one. The convenience factor with foldables is huge.

If you need speed to make a committed crossing or you are planning rocky landings in conditions, you might want to consider the above points.

It all depends on what you need, as always. If I were travelling and wanted to have a kayak with me I’d choose a folder. Or even a grabner explorer inflatable if I were with my daughter or wife. If I were going on a heavy expedition, I’d go with a sectional. And carry lots of glass and north sea resin.

beautiful boat
Great sectional!

Easy Rider…
…in Seattle (Renton) used to make one, presume they still do. Don’t think they have a website, but could be found on internet yellow pages.

Nimbus also makes one
Horizon S, advertised recently in yak mags.

Someone built a Pygmy Arctic Tern as a sectional (custom job for someone else).

And yes, Easy Rider makes sectionals. I went on a trip that included two paddlers with 3-section Easy Riders. These were expedition boats.

It’s a 17’, 25" beam S&G modified VOLKSKAYAK Standard sea kayak that’s designed to be disassembled into three sections - and it works! You can see more info at