Secure “click” sliding mount

Looking to mount a waterproof pelican box up inside the kayak, between the knees. I want to glue in a mount of some kind that comes apart into two pieces that slide together for a really secure “click” that won’t come undone without the push of a button or something.
So glue one side to the “ceiling” of the deck and and the other to the box.

Anyone know of something like that?

Sounds a bit like a fastex buckle although that’s not quite what you want.

No, not like that. More like two thin plates, about 3x4” or so that slide into each other and click lock.
Something what comes with some wearable flashlights or a quick mount for a bike handlebar or something.

Why not velcro or similar stuff like E-ZPass tape?

Can’t help with the click mount idea but my first thought reading the OP was safety. A box located like that would slow down a wet exit, maybe even trap your legs.

No, lots of room in my Dagger Stratos L, wouldn’t hit anything on the way out. Practice wet exits multiple times a summer.

Why not install a foredeck hatch like on P&H Kayaks. Simple to instal and no need to remove sprayskirt to access.

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