secure craft @ campsite?

I apologize if this has already been discussed.I have been periodically checking out these threads for a while now, and haven’t seen this topic discussed yet. when arriving at your campsite,how do you secure your vessel. You know, Wind,Moose,Tree’s,tie off, upside down,ect.

We pull the canoes up near camp, turn
them over and tie them to a solid tree with a quick release knot. Paddles are either bungied into the boats or to a nearby tree or post. If we’re base camping, everything stays on the vehicle.

green boat,
few if any people around = easily hidden boat no one would notice.

A Few Different Ways
I always bring it up away from the water. If you leave it in the water and tie it up, heavy wind and/or waves will thrash it arround and, depending on what the canoe gets thrashed against, could damage the canoe. In the BWCAW, there’s usually a couple logs to turn it over on to use the canoe as a table top. But on Ozark rivers I set it next to the tent, so if the wind or water starts to move the boat, I’ll hear it. I used to always turn the boat over; with my polyethylene boats, like my Mad River 14TT, I don’t bother. WW