Secure Kayak

OK this is dumb question I’m sure, I have a a Sun Dolphin Journey 12’ fishing kayak and I need to secure it properly when not in use, I bought a good rope lock but for the life of me I have no place to put it, this Kayak has no hole through the entire boat … so I am at a loss, can I drill a small hole somewhere? My plan is to use the rope lock to tie to the shed or tree next to my house.

That kind of thing is something that the Sun Dolphin folks did not plan for.

Is there any reason you can’t just have it up against your house, maybe under a back door light or something, where a presumed thief would be more hesitant to go?

It’s possibly, but I would feel better if I locked it up, I live in an apartment complex, lots of traffic.

OK. You said house so I was not thinking about a complex.

So I take it the owners of the property have agreed for you to have it on the grounds? It could impact their grounds maintenance…

A Lasso lock would work.

BWT, no such thing as a dumb question.

Sorry for the confusion, and yes I can have it on the grounds.

The lasso is interesting, but where does it tie down to?

Disregard, I found the instructions on that site, very interesting, that could work.

Only thing I can think of involving metal would be to add a deck fitting that you could run a rope lock thru. Options here.

You could use a lasso and run it under the bungies. Though it would not take much for someone to grab a pair of scissors and cut the bungies if you have nefarious characters around. Who could also figure out how to run down the street casually hauling 14 ft of kayak.

Pretty sure that by using a combination of the Lasso, wrapped securely around your boat, and the rope lock you already have, you could fashion it securely next to your home. Might not be a bad idea to install a solar motion activated light in the area or even an motion alarm attached to the boat.

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Take a black sharpie and label the boat with your name and phone number. This is important even not considering potential theft because if it gets away from you near water and shows up empty somewhere a search and rescue team could get sent out thinking somebody has fallen out of it. And if it IS stolen you would be more likely to get it back. I mark all my kayaks this way.

As for security, I have not tried it but have wondered if the security mesh “sacks” that are made for locking up backpacks (link below) would stretch enough to wrap around a kayak. I know the cables others have mentioned can work if you can find the right length.

When I lived in an apartment I hung my kayak indoors from two hooks in the hallway ceiling. Later on I had a 2nd story balcony on a north-facing wall and hung it vertically next to the balcony from a single hook, cockpit to the wall. Both worked out well.

Kayak security cable locks.

I had the same problem with my WS Pungo and my daughter’s Prodigy XS (both sit-ins). I installed a drain plug near the cockpits. I remove the plug and run my lasso lock thru the hole. It was a $3 mod.

Should have said: run cable thru the drain plug and out the cockpit.