Secure Tackle Storage on a canoe?

I know this is a rather elementary question and may have very simple answers but I was wondering how to securely store my tackle on a canoe so that if it does flip I still retain my tackle.

I have a milk crate in my canoe so my idea is to bungee my tackle to the crate and then wedge the crate under the thwart. Any additional suggestions? Any creative ideas for keeping your rods from sinking?



I use an under seat
bag made by Granite Gear for my tackle bag. It is not as easy to access tackle but is very secure it the boat tips. I also use a thwart bag made by Cooke Custom Sewing if I need additional tackle storage.

You could simply attach a commercial tackle bag to the thwarts with some lashing straps also.

If you use the milk crate idea, which
isn’t bad, I suggest that you also tie it to the thwart. Its been my experience that in a situation where you may flip your canoe or kayak, even wedged stuff doesn’t always stay where you put it.

I use a lot of tie offs
I keep a small roll of line in my gear bag and use little bits of line to tie stuff down.

I also use a backpack and secure the arm bands around the thwart, then stuff small things in the backpack and keep it closed. It’s a rather large backpack. I can fit two Plano 3700 boxes and a few tackle binders in it. It has side pockets that hold my line pic and pliers and that sort of thing. I use the same method on my SOT kayak and it works well.

Pretty much anything that isn’t secured will go away in a flip. That includes trash, so please be sure to secure your trash as well as your valuable items to prevent being a litterbug.

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If you have a fanny pack you aren’t
using, it makes a great tackle bag, just use sized right plano or flameau boxes. Mine has both a waist strap and over the shoulder ones so its easy to attach in an open boat, not so in my kayak. Unfortunately, my younger son has it while he’s away playing counselor at a summer boy scout camp.

Bungy Balls et al
I use those little bungies with a ball on the end to secure most things and most of my boats I install a few padeyes arround the seats. I use a combo bungy ball and carabiner to secure some items like first aid-survival kit. Years ago I picked up a padded (with closed cell foam) nylon film case that I used for my fishing tackle box. Over the years I started putting everything in the little plastic lure boxes and just interchange boxes depending on what kind of fishing I’m going to do. Mostly I fish for smallies and trout on Ozark streams. Here’s a few pics to illustrate what I’m talking about. I think you can get the soft-style tackleboxes pretty much everywhere now; maybe someone got the idea after seeing me and my camera case! BTW, I’m carefull to secure my tacklebox, so I carry one of my extra sets of keys in there. One for the tacklebox and one for the first aid kit. I’ve been stranded before, hopefully never again! WW

I use a small tackle box…
…for bouyancy, I leave it latched, mostly, and tie it off to thwart with a clip.

Several thoughts
I use a “fanny pack” style tackle bag. It simply clips the waist buckle around a thwart. On all my thwarts I tie a small loop of cord that I can clip a “beener” on. Carry a bunch of the inexpensive aluminum beeners and clip off everything. An assortment of installed shock cord and velcro loops are great for securing rods. The only thing loose in my boat(s) is the rod I’m using. If I dump while fishing I hold onto the rod otherwise that one is a goner

Terry, I enjoyed your pictures
I also use a backpack that I clip to a thawrt. I also use a vest over my PDF. I have a retractable pair of cutters cliped to my PFD and a pair of Hemostats to help remove hooks.


After losing a great Shimano Sahara
ultralight and pole, I started using either rod floats made by blakemore or, with spinning equipment, just sliding a piece of pool noodle over the handle, since you seldom use the lower part of the handle for anything except for long casts, particurly with heavy weights, or fighting really big fish, a seldom occurance. A Canadian friend has sent another local friend what he calls “Frenchy floats” he’s made up for rods. I’ll get my share Thursday. Don’t know how he’s made them up or anything. For swifter water, I might think about rod leashes, though have tried a homemade version and didn’t care for it.