securing a kayak from theft?

How do you secure 1 or 2 kayaks from theft on the transport vehicle or at home? I have no room to store them inside at home. Is there a way to lock them? This may be a stupid question, but the wife asked me and I don’t know. We will be buying 2 kayaks (our first) and would like them not to grow legs.

do you have a garage
with 3 feet of wall space? we don’t have a lot of room but in our 2 car garage we put up these shelf type things that the paddle man found at home depot. there are 4 leveles that we managed to completly fill in just 4 months. other wise just ask at the kayak store.

I use a cable with a padlock
If I am on the road and feel that I need them secure, I use it between the two kayaks and the canoe and loop it a few times around each of my crossbars.

When we are camping, and they are off the vehicle I do the same thing but then loop it around a tree or someother solid anchoe.

I welded a loop on both ends of the cable for the padlock.



The Yakima boatlocker

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may work for you...or not. Go to, then products, water accessories.

I don't see it now on the Yakima site but Yakima at least used to make SKS lockable cables ( loops on each end. Two cables can be connected with the locks and the looped ends are put around each end of the boat and the crossbars (must be locked to the vehicle, of course) are included in the locked cable/boat system in a way to lock the boat to the crossbars. It does work. Might have to loop slack around a crossbar. Not cheap between cables and locks, but it's pretty thick cable--i.e. a standard wirecutter won't do the trick on them. I've got a couple cables that I use to lock boats on vehicles if I feel the need.

Good luck.


How come no one mentioned it?

Go To Lowes, or any Bike store and pick up a Kryptonite bike lock, they make many different kinds, Some with loops built in… That’s what I use… Works good on the Bike too, and its strong enough that some punk cant walk up with a Leatherman and snip through it with one squeeze… However be careful as a few of the older locks can be picked with a BIC pen!!!

i have this

works really well- loops go over the ends of the kayak, around your roof rack bars, and lock together. you use your own padlock. i use it on a sea kayak and a surfski and it fits both perfectly.

if that link doesn’t work, just google “campmor kayak lock”


Yup, same as Tie Yak
We use these whenever we feel the need to secure the boats on the car. I got ours via Ebay for about then dollars less than the Campmor price.

Bicycle Cable…
a master padlock and a vinyl coated bicycle cable…I wrap the cable around the molded seat in the yak, and anything solid.

from experience
I have had one boat stolen, so sometimes a piece of rope tied to a tree doesn’t always work, ha ha ha. But really, go to the hardware store, look around. They have about anything you want. I have a bike lock, and a snake lock (from master lock, but can’t remember the real name), but look around for anything that will lock a ladder. Ladder locks are long and strong and are adaptable for any situation. Really, there is alot at the hardwarestore…just go and look around.


Try what works for bikes. Spray paint a
few random patches on the kayaks, using stupid, clashing colors, and no one will steal them.

tie yak from ebay and heavy duty lock
saved my two kayaks from some midnight thieves trolling in a truck a few weeks ago when I had come in from kayaking at night and was going out again in the a.m., so I kept them on the car in the driveway. From now on, I will take the time to put them in the garage.

On the lighter side, how about a really
bad a** rottweiler to stand guard. Be sure to poison proof train it.

Where do you store the Rottie on a two day float? :slight_smile:

Just fold the Rottie up and put him/her in the boat’s glove compartment. For longer trips, place in tupper ware™ so he/she doen’t spoil…

I seem to recall there was the thread suggesting using an alerm system when the boats are parked at hotels and in driveways…

Just $0.02