Securing a sit-on-top kayak

I would like to keep my kayaks outside by our lake house but have a concern regarding possible theft. Is there any device that can be used to secure a sit-on-top style of kayak?



Cable Through Scupper Hole… NM

Loop a cable
through the scupper holes. Some SOT’s also have a metal security loop. I think my Tarpon had one of those.

Securing cable
Thanks guys, I will look for a strong cable for looping through the scupper holes.

Glue fake rubber dog poo and barf
patches inside the cockpit. They won’t bother you, because you will know they aren’t real.

Here’s the Lasso lock (p-net sponsor)

This has its own lock, and loops that go around the ends of the kayak - I’m not sure it would fit through a scupper hole. This is what I use to lock my boats to my car rack when it seems appropriate, works well.

Yes, And
And make sure to use a lock that can not be busted open by a $20 pair of bolt cutters.

I would guess that most people who steal would have bolt cutters, but then I never understood people who steal.

Use a 3/8"-1/2" SS cable, looped at the ends, run through the scuppers, and fastened to something that is itself secure -a buried-in-concrete fence post, well-rooted (tall) tree, etc. Use a strong bike lock like a Kryptonite to secure the loops, and you’ll have a serious deterrent to theft.

With an SOT, don’t bother with a double loop bow-stern securing cable, the scuppers will work better and more easily. WHile we so secure our SINKs, we just run our cables through the scuppers of our SOTs -it’s a lot easier.

Hiding your cable-locked cable from prying eyes by putting it under a tarp or such will also be a good deterrent for any opportunistic forays as well.

These setups won’t prevent the pros from “borrowing” your boat, but it will keep out the amateurs, and those looking for easy scores with unsecured goods.

Together, these should allow you to keep your boat for quite a few years to happily

PADDLE ON! -Frank in Maimi

hiding boat
Another advantage to hiding the boat under something is it’ll keep the sun off the poly. Poly boats have a much shorter life left in the sun.

Bill H.

Bike lock
through the scupper hole.

Wally world, Lowes, Home Depot or any sporting good store has the simple cable style bike lock.