Securing canoe bow to front of truck

I have a Dodge Ram 1500 with a cap over the truck bed. The canoe is loaded with a U-Haul one-man canoe loader which secures the stern of the canoe. It rests on the truck cap on four foam blocks and a ratchet strap goes between the truck cab and bed cap to secure the canoe amidships. My problem is the Ram has absolutely no provision on the front to secure the two bow lines. I’ve managed with a jury-rig tie-down, and I’ve checked with the Dodge dealer to see if they offer tie-down accessories that can be bolted to the bumper, etc., and no they don’t. Has anyone already solved this problem who is willing to offer a suggestion.

Yes… a lot of newer vehicles
are this way.I believe it’s so people won’t try to tow them because of them being front wheel drive. I have a Volvo x-country and you would think it have something under the bumper…nothing! so we opened the hood and fastened a piece of nylon cord on the frame (off to the side) and it works great. If you need a picture just let me know. I hear a lot of “there’s something sticking out of the front of your car” comments. Keeps 'em guessing!

Loops thru the bumper guards

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Or around the part of the frame that holds the quarter panel on - the above company is actually making loops you can buy for this, but any trip to Home Depot or Joann's will get you perfectly good straps.

The loops stick out from under the hood and you run the bow line between them with the canoe in the middle.

You just need a couple of knots - a trucker's hitch and whatever you call the one where you run the rope back down and around/under a couple or so times.

yes about the hood loops…but you
can do them for pennies with a nylon cord or strap (can cut them off an old back pack or something(burn the edges so they don’t fray) and just tie it off. Double check your strength of it and double check for a secure knot. Good to go.

Thanks–great idea
Celia, that’s actually a waggoners’ hitch, but yeah, I’ve heard it called a trucker’s hitch. It’s still commonly used, but pre-dated trucks. Eric, that’s great. I’m all over it. Appreciate it.

Check out the transportation section of Placid boatwork’s web site. They offer web loops to their customers, tied around the radiator subframe. Easier than punching. heat sealing and bolting, and probably stronger too.

another take on things

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I have racks on my Dakota which make life easy, but I find windage to be much less with the front of the boat behind the windshield as shown
the thought of that hollow hull catching the updraft of air off the windshield kind of freaks me out. A bud, well known here, expressed consternation how his light kevlar hull was twisting and groaning at highway speed. Not sure if he moved his boat back, I'll ask if we ever get water around here again. Perhaps you could raise your hull pads a bit to get the bow to sit over the roof, and avoid the need for bow straps and all the time consumption they require.
I know a few folks who have racks attached to their camper top.

Open the hood, take a look.
My F150 has very convenient holes in the lip that my hood sits on.

I tied a short loop of rope through those on either side. The loops stick out from under the hood and bow lines get tied through those.

Volvo x-country
Did you check underneath?

I have a 2006 V70. The skid plate under the engine compartment has a hole on either edge that will accept an S hook. I use those and hook my bow straps to them.

My 1996 850 and 2000 S70 had the same. I’m guessing it’s fairly std across the line.

tow hooks
I would expect tow hooks on the front frame would be an available option for any pick-up truck.