Securing GP to Rack???

Anybody have a good solution for this?


I just tie it down with bungees. I actually have a europaddle (ONNOPADDLE) but that by the nature of its design will catch more wind than a GP, yet I have never had a problem. Actually, I only put the paddle on the rack for long distance travels when the family is along and don’t want it resting on their shoulder. Gone as far as 1500 miles round trip at highway speeds (65-75) with no issues.

I do the same…
with one of my one piece ONNO paddles. No problems so far.


Maybe if you carry it sideways, you
can get some lift.

Zip tie to frame under vehicle

Mine fit inside (thanks to a rear seat pass-through), but someday I’ll get around to building a lockable PVC tube carrier or something similar.

If you go to Delmarva
you’ll see a fair number of PVC tube carriers. I slot mine from the trunk through the ski carrier slot in the back seat into the car interior. I have friends who bungee paddles to the rack. Turner does this on his trailer, but with the paddles in a gadget sort of like a credit card wallet. Superior makes a paddle carrier–quite pricey, but a good commercial option.

You liking the GP? Helping with the wrist?

Yakima multimounts

Thay seem expensive, but are rock solid.