Securing rods in rod holders

How are some of you securing your rods in bazooka tubes - internal and external.

Need to avoid losing rods in deeper water when tipped over in a SOT.

My answer…
Buy a cheap 15’ phone cord. Cut it in 4-5’ lengths. Use little tie-wraps to make loops on each end. Use aluminum spring clips or velcro to attach to the rod and to the boat. Viola! 3-4 coiled tethers for under $10. I made one for the paddle too.

Securing Rods
I use home made PVC rocket launcher rod holders in my S-O-T Scrambler XT. I keep the rod attached to my yak with 1/4 inch nylon line tied by wrapping a clove hitch (a self tightening knot) where the reel is held in place on the rod (strongest part of the reel & the rod). This way the rope does not slip up and down the rod. I secure the clove hitch with 2 half hitches just to make sure.

I have turned over coming back in to the beach through the surf break the rod fell out of the holder, but remained tied to the yak and no damage was done to the rod or reel. Just needed to wash the reel to get rid of the sand.

I had a friend who kept the rod in the holder by using a bungie cord. He turned over in the surf break, the rod stayed in the rod holder, but broke in half when it hit the bottom.