Securing the bow and stern

I bike commute, so this looks ideal for me.

My only question is, how do you secure the bow and stern?

Or would you even worry about it? Is there an adaptor kit?

Download is pretty slow
How about just a direct link to the product?

Can’t tell …
if there is only one strap holding the kayak in the saddle or if two are used. I would be a little bit concerned if only one strap is used - especially without bow or stern tie downs. You might be able to rig a bow tie down much like a tumpline is used for backpacks. Since the tumpline would have to go on first, you would need to use some clips and something like those rachet adjusters for bow lines that Thule sells. Stern line could be hooked to one of those extra license place holes or maybe to the back of the rack? Hope this helps.

Thanks for the laugh.

Warning Not For Use in Moose Season!
I clearly saw two straps.

Bow Line
The bow line is the important one. I’m not convinced that the stern line is all that vital unless you don’t have a decent rack (which is mostly to provide resistance to side forces on the boat/s. Since most of us don’t drive like La Mans racers when we have boats on a roof or trailer, it isn’t as important).

I use a ‘Y’ shaped rope made with 3 lines + carabiners (2 lines going to car towing points and it takes only a few seconds to attach). If carrying 2 boats, I add another line to make an X. Much easier than elaborate tie-down systems.


2 boats would break my neck

I didn’t actually look at the video until you posted this. An immediate concern arose should a fall occur since the amount of neck torque caused by boat and the bar with would transfer a serious amount of force to the neck. I think you’d be better served by finding a trailer attachment for the boat instead.

Frankly, I don’t think you could be in very good shape in any type of fall, even a stationary one, with this device on the helmet.


Best take it slow and easy and pray
the wind doesn’t come up. With the way it was lashed onto his carrier, it makes one wonder how many people it took to put the boat on top of it. Can’t you just imagine the good hearted laughter and possibly tears running down their cheeks as they fastened it down?

Watch out for whip lash. ;>)

What some folks don’t think up and I would recommend a VERY lightweight boat. LOL

Oh, the scenarios one can think of.

Thanks for the chuckle.

Nice April Fools joke. He went to a lot of trouble but that makes it all the better.

Has nobody…
thought of securing the bow and stern lines around your waist? This way hands free control can be maintained while stability will not be compromised? hahaha good video!!!