Seda Glider in 5 mile virtual race

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I've posted the Seda Glider entry in the 5 mile virtual race. For some reason I don't see those hot high performance sea kayaks in my race. I've got one EFT entry. But, where are all these QCC-700 and Epic Endurance 18?

Anyway, if somebody is not frozen and still paddling, the virtual race is open till the end of December. Then, we will start a new season.

Do you have any comments or suggestions for refining the rules or any other changes?

So is this an OT post

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Yes you provide good help to folks, and your site is an asset but....

Is your post advice? Who asked for it? Maybe this belongs in the paddlers place discussion section. I would not have responded, but you seem to be concerned about posts being in the right places. The fact that you are merchandising on your site and self promoting here is........

Let Us Know How It Turns Out
I am curious how the Glide turns out. I almost bought Chuck’s.

Ya think it made it to AZ in 1 piece?
It was a fast boat, the old Glider, almost 20ft long.

OT post?
“Is your post advice? Who asked for it? Maybe this belongs in the paddlers place discussion section”.

No, my post is not advice this time. Actually, I am asking for advice what to change in the virtual race for the 2006 season. There is a question in the end of my post. This is “Advice, Suggestions and General Help” forum.

Seda Gliders
Check the results:

6.41 mph over 5 miles, but that paddler paddles over 7 mph in his surfski

I Wonder
I still can’t believe the guy showed up with a sedan and no racks and expectd to haul a 20’ boat 600 miles.

We tied it down as well as we could with what we had…

I did a race in that Glider
6 miles in just under 1 hour. It was real pain cause I kicked out the bulkhead and had no foot rest. No success in locating Mira’s bra that day either.

Seda Glider vs Epic 18
I added some comments from Eric Nyre on Glider-Epic 18 comparison to my blog post. Thanks, Eric.

Anybody else has comments on Glider performance or the format of virtual race in 2006?

When you first started your virtual…
race idea, I mentioned the time of a six mile race that I had won in my QCC-700.

It was my best time ever, and I will never repeat it, but I was jumped all over by a “doubting Thomas”, so I vowed I would never mention a race time on P-net again.

Every so often I like to peruse your times to compare how competitive I am with them (in the old farts group naturally)

I notice that the same people are posting over and over, and I also know that there are faster ones who don’t post there, so if you want to get your stat sheets in perspective you should hunt down the various races throughout the country and take the results from their web sites.

Almost all of them post the results, and many keep all their prior year results also.

On another note: I don’t blame you one bit for posting here. The other forum gets so far away from paddling that I don’t read half the garbage there.

Post in either and let the complainers take a flying leap!



OK: since you had to answer

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you are not asking for advice on paddling, you are promoting and asking for advice on improving (service on?) a paddling web site with commercial advertisements. One that competes with this site (in a small way) for sponsors.

Virtual Time Trials
I’d echo the suggestion to check back over race results, as another bit of info on boat comparisons, etc. I’d love to participate, but unfortunately, don’t yet own a GPS. Maybe Santa will bring me one this year, but it ain’t looking good. Marek, great idea, and wonderful site-good shot in the arm to keep us all motivated.


races and time trials are different
for starters, most race distances are approximations at best. you’d have to keep your own time and distance on a gps. second, this is supposed to be without current/tide assist, and with wind assist balanced out by doing a loop or a back and forth- most races are on rivers or tidal areas, which makes this much tougher. i posted one time from an out and back tidal race, using times and distances from my own gps. finally, time trials and races are very different mentally- i find time trials harder mentally, since you have no one in front of you to compete with. frankly, i have trouble putting forth the same kind of effort by myself that i can in a race (unable to lift up arms afterwards, that sort of thing).

so i vote to keep the “purity” of marek’s site largely intact.


I Concur
and further vote (Can I vote, if I have not submitted?) to keep the format intact. My echo was largely as an additional piece of data to look at insofar as boat comparisons are concerned. I’ve been tempted to submit race times, but for the reasons Andrew listed, know that the accuracy of the distance is always a factor. How many years has the Blackburn been run, and noone seems to be able to accurately pin down the distance…?

I concur with Andrew and Mark. Keep the site the same. Marek is doing a great job. his site has got me really motivated to train. When there are not alot of races locally. it helps keep you sharp.

Time trailling is very hard. Racing Downriver for years has really helped me focus on going hard. Witht he advent of modern technology. You can really be precise.

Sure wish ahd this stuff in my younger days. But what the heck can use it now and love it.

So Get a GPS. you did one awesome 10 miler in your EFT.

Cheers Dan

love my glider
Did blackburn in red kevlar glider in 2003. It has tiller steering like west side boats and I love that boat but should have moved seat forward 2in to keep nose from rising at speed. Congratulations on your virtual site but if you give away 20 dollar bills, someone would be the ctritic. Keep up the good work!