Seda Gypsy kayak info wanted

I have a chance for a plastic Seda Gypsy kayak, 14’6".
The boat has Az G&F registration numbers so is at least 20 years old as Az stopped registering paddlecraft in the 1990’s…
The serial number he gave me (TA-2520-za) doesn’t match the normal sequence.

Can anyone tell me anything about this boat?
What would it be worth? Assuming a good hull and stored indoors.

Moot point now.
I drove out to Benson to look at this kayak. They were selling their fleet because they spent so much time on their ranch they never got to use them.
So I mentioned some trips I do and have done and why I wanted another 145 kayak and they changed their minds, decided to NOT sell their boats and try to kayak more often.

I think that the lesson here is that trying to be friendly to get them to drop the price (1990 plastic Seda) from $500 to $350 (I convinced the guy but his wife …) backfired.

Good thing I am not In a hurry. I want it for my daughter as a14’ camping boat but she won’t heal fully until Summer so I have a few months to shop around a bit.