Seda Ikkuma

Nice boat! I rented one from Aqua Adventures in San Diego and paddled around for a couple of hours yesterday. Mellow conditions, but poking along just outside the surf there was enough going on to get a sense of how it behaves. The boat rotated easily when I wanted it to and adjusted easily to hold course when one end or the other got twisted by a wave. Not super turny, but very nice for the sorts of things I use that sort of boat for. Cockpit was very comfortable for me (5’11, 20Idon’twannaknow #, big thighs and glutes), with enough room to move my knees a bit but very easy to lock in. Speed seemed pretty good for that sort of boat–moved along easily at a fairly vigorous cruising pace, didn’t squat much at anything less than a sprint.

Pretty nice paddling the channel
in the summer over there eh Dave ?

Hope you did not feel too cold ; )

Tuesday, Wednesday ( 5pm) and Sat ( 8:30ish), the skis / ocs leave from Bahia hotel beach. Oc-6 practice every night 'cept Fridays.

How did the skeg work for you ?

Wasn’t half bad!
I got out there a little later than I was shooting for so didn’t make it as far up the beach as I would have liked to, but it was a nice little paddle. I didn’t use the skeg, other than to verify that it went up and down fine–just didn’t need it for what I was doing. And the water temp was fine–nice to be a little cooler for a change.

Hope you’re settling in well. How are you enjoying paddling in the new venue? Did you bring boats with you?

Seda Ikkuma
I demo’d the Ikkuma a few months ago on a very windy day. Went out to the Mission Bay channel entrance where it was bouncy and thought it very easy to control. Little weather cocking, skeg works well, responds very well to leans, not at all twitchy in choppy conditions, surfed down wind nicely.