Seda Impulse or Seda Glider

Anyone tried the Seda Impulse or Seda Glider Kayaks?

TsunamiChuck Had One
TsunamiChuck had one and I paddled it briefly. I am not a good judge as I don’t have much exprience with SINKs.

It seemed very stable, relatively fast, and it tracked well. None of which is surprising for a 19’ boat.

On the other hand, you can not expect a 19’ boat to turn very quickly.

Had a Glider
an older model. It was a very fast boat. It leaked like sieve when I got it so I just reinforced the hull with a couple of layers of glass. I liked how it handled.

Modified Glider
chazmaz, I’ll send you an e-Mail with pics. of a modified Glider with an internal rudder I put in. I have put about 500 miles on the Glider in the last 11 months and only a few on an Impulse. I’ll go into more detail on handling and comparisons in the e-Mail. Don’t want to start another brew-ha here.

that’s half the fun.