SEDA Kayaks

Any paddlers out there with expierence in these boats? I know nothing of them and stumbled across their website and am truly enjoying drooling over some of the boats they carry. Any input, positive or negative on these boats??




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Check eBay under Seda Kayak. The WildernessExperience/Alpha19airborne, who I have purchased two kayaks from, shipped from NY State to IL without issue, has several new Sedas at exceptional prices.

Under New Management
I had a beef with the old management. The weight specs were off by about 20 pounds on the Revenge. The new management changed the specs and they are more believable now

Me, too
I’m drooling right there with ya’. Hey, don’t bid on that Starlet. I’m fantasizing it’s mine.


I used a Gypsy for a week as part of a tour down in Baja. Definitely a decent boat. If I was in the market for a new kayak, I may consider a Seda (though a narrower boat like a Swift or Glider, over the somewhat beamy Gypsy).

i have paddled their double model the tango. its pretty nice, relatively light and handles nicely. didn’t feel like a bathtub. easy to turn without the rudder etc.

They used to make a wonderful decked
c-1 cruiser in Kevlar. Wish I had bought one when I had the chance. I should ask them if they still have pictures, for the digital “museum” on

Glider is great old boat but nose will rise at speed to slow you down. Moving seat ahead can help. It really needs a rudder. I like seda kevlar

Copy that
I agree. I have a Kevlar Glider in my kayak quiver. I can race it in the kayak category and also tour it if someone is visiting and waqnts to paddle my Explorer. Its a great boat to race in the rough water. Definitely rudder dependent design.

Tango is deceptively fast.

Was that the same one Brandon used as a backup when his custom built kayak cracked for his 24-hour world record??

Cheers…Joe O’

Nice and fast
Yeah they make some quick kayaks James!

Log onto MSN in the morning and we’ll chat a bit!


Quality Kayaks - GREAT Kevlar
I especially like the SEDA Vagabond, which is now the Vida. FAST, but short easy turning yak. Needs a skeg ONLY to maintain straight line (as when you stop paddling).

The Impulse and Glider still win races. They’re STRAIGHT runners, so if you’re looking for “personality”, look elsewhere.

Nice lay-ups. They had weight problems with some yaks, especially their sit-on-top (Revenge). I believe they overcame these issues years ago.

Joe Sedivic was ahead of his time in kayak design and his designs still stand.

Tried a Seda Impulse
When I lived in San Diego back in 2002…boat was “ok” but quality of fg work was horrible - especially inside the boat.

However, I hear now they have cleaned up their act, but considering they are all built in Mexico - I will have to pass. I would rather send my money to Canada for an Impex or UK/Wales for a NDK. (but actually would rather pay a local to build me a boat anyway)


tiller steering
My old red kevlar glider has feathercraft rudder and tiller steering to be like t-bolt and eft. In huge water the weight of glider can make you feel safe like brit boat

Revenge must’ve had lead in it

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I rented one and found it was heavier than the plastic OK Scupper Pro I also rented (and weathercocked more than the Scupper).

I checked for water leakage and that wasn't the cause.


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Aren't you going to do your own record soon?!?

Is that on the down low, or what? I haven't hardly heard a thing about it?

Oh, and yeah, you can also lend out the Glider to someone trying to break the 24hr. distance record incase they need a back up boat. ;^]

Spent a couple days with the Ikkuma last year. Exact boat in the new Sea Kayaker. Very nice boat, of impeccable quality. The folks at Seda are really nice folks, too.

Another yes on SEDA quality …

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Broken record here ...... Jim and John really have the layups down and are some of the nicest, cleanest, most logical layups in the industry right now. They took their time to get things right and did not experiment on the public.

Besides the new layups and new models, the other 'famous' designs have also been updated with recessed fittings, foredeck paddle recesses + innovative day hatch and bulkhead combos.

Lots of cool storys behind the designs, fittings,
components and very history of SEDA ..... early industry type associations with some big names ......

John and Jim are as hands on as you can get when it comes to everything from picking up the phone to the squeegee.

Kudos to them for keeping everything running smoothly across the border ...... its only in the backyard.

Forgot to add ...... if you like the concept on the Revenge, keep checking with them ..... Something new coming.