Seda not fullfilling orders placed online - WARNING!!!

I purchased a used Seda Tango this past October. I was in need of some parts which I found available on Seda’s website. It appeared that I was set with new hatch covers, rudder cables, and Danuu storage cover. Total order came to $574. pricing was very competitive from my searches, a few parts were Seda specific.
I got confirmation of my order upon placing it but in spite of numerous calls and emails I never got a response from anyone. I live within 45 minutes from their shop in Chula Vista, Ca and offered to pick up the parts that were in stock - nothing…
On November 1st I called a San Diego kayaking center and spoke with their accounts person to find that their experience has been the same as mine w/o the monetary investment. It was mentioned that they weren’t even sure they were building kayaks but had moved to selling Jeep part!
I called the credit card company to dispute the charges that same morning. The charges were reversed in 2 days.
I ordered nearly all the parts again from Austin Kayaks without a hitch - received everything yesterday!
Bummer that new ownership would choose to destroy a great brand, but it’s criminal to deceive the public that you are operating a reputable company when you aren’t.

After 90 days credit card company will not accept a protest.