Seda Scout

Hi folks,has anybody tried one of these?I checked the review section but no luck.Only one review on a different model.

seda scout
Paddled one twenty years ago when Seda was active in canoe production and had a dealer nearby. The Scout is a good canoe, solid Kelvar layup in the one i paddled. Very traditional lines, and no bad traits, well rounded handling. Not fast, but not a tub, not hard tracking, but not a heavy rockered WW boat that spins when you paddle hard.

Only odd thing i remember was a prop from the yoke down to the keel to stiffen the hull. Seem to remember web seat instead of cane and a wooden slider front seat.

Not a fancy canoe, but a solidly built one.


Thanks Bill!
Seems nobody wants canoes around here anymore.All he can sell these days are kayaks so he offered it to me for only $498 just to get rid of the remaining stock.These are normally $1040 in glass/web seats.I was really looking to get a solo but this deal is mighty sweet.