Seda-Tango Tandem Kayak

When my buddy and I were doing research on potential composite tandem Kayaks I came across a manufacturer (Seda) who was selling a boat known as the Tango for significantly cheaper then anything that I have seen in the market. The boat, which is 21 feet in length, 29 inches wide,95 pounds; retails at $2300. This seems to good to be true! Is it? Also, can a 29 inch wide boat that weighs 95 pounds allow us to be semi -competitive in races with surf skis or other lightweight boats?

It will be like racing “The Truck”

You may be in the same race but won’t race against them, they’ll be in a different class…

Good Boat
I own the Tango and it is a very nice boat. Very stable but fast. I’ve made a number of modifications to the deck, including using Seaward’s gas style rudder pdeals. As other’s have said, it does not have the fine finishing details nicer boats have, but it’s built tough. Mariner Kayaks (Matt/Cam Broze) in Seattle may have one for sale. Leave a message on their voice mail. Matt speaks highly of this boat.

My kayaking budy has a very nice Valley Aleut Sea II if you want the very high end of doubles. Beautiful boat with great handling characteristics.

Three boats right here…
One used for general use + local races, the other two used by adventure racers to train and race… not the fastest tandem but it is a really good value and above comments on fit and finish have been drastically improved over the last few years… Good idea to pad yourselves up a bit for better paddle entry and rotation clearance… the boat is plenty stable.

Go for the lightest layup you want to spend $ on… because thay are all way overbuilt… change to better ergo foot braces for racing too as these things are w i d e.

Mariner Kayak Contact

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Thanks for the info. This makes me feel much better that multiple people have good things to say about the boat.

If you want to race against skis…
… then get a tandem ski.

If you want to learn to paddle fast even faster, get two single skis and race each other for training! You should be able to get two used skis in good shape in that price range.

Water’s pretty cold up there though…

I know this is an ancient post, but we have a Seda Tango from that era and we love it. Fast for its size, and lots of stowing space.