Seda Tango to SRS Arrow?


Currently Sea Kayak off Maine. Am considering srs Arrow. Kayaking about 6 years now, can go 20+ miles in a day.

Typically go with my GF, she is 100lbs, I am 180 and tend to be the “engine” (I accept my role :slight_smile: ).

What would the difference be between a Seda Tango and the SRS arrow?

Am considering it for:

  1. Speed
  2. Ability to use as a single (for those trips too scary for my GF, like 6 miles out to sea in a group)

    The stability is listed as 7 out of 10 (I would assume the Seda Tango is a 10 out of 10)

    Is the arrow suitable for Sea Touring, or is it only a racing machine?

    Also, does single mode work well? If not, I might have to get a single…



Oh Yeah… How many bulkheads in arrow.
Can’t really use for touring if it can get swamped…

So, are there fore, aft and miiddle compartment bulkheads? (and a really good seal, not just a cover, for the middle compartment)