Seda Vagabond

Anyone with experience with this boat they want to share? Have a chance to buy an older one–must be Kevlar by the weight. Owner bought it used and doesn’t know much. Originally he didn’t know the maker and described it as a racing boat. I’m interested because of the weight (was told 20#, estimated I guess). Seda website says 29# for their current model in kevlar. I’m looking for a boat that performs as well as the Walden Vista I have already but is easier to transport. The reviews of this boat on are all by 6 footish men +/- 200#. I’m female 130#. Appreciate any feedback.

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Nicest all-around kayak ever built.

E-mail me and I’ll tell you why…

Buy it…

I bought a seda from them in rochester ny and are very nice and smart about good advice