See Grizzlies and Fish

Would like to find a lodge or what ever that takes you by lake or river to view Grizzlies as close as possible and some trout, salmon or what ever fishing. Be 50 in December. When ya get older, you think of once in a life time places to go to. Would appreciate all responses. But no rat holes. This forum is awesome for info. Thanks to every one for making this the greatest outdoor forum.


Well ya better get on the ball becuz

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if yer talkin about North country its getting into Fall here and the salmon run is all but over and the bears will be getting off the streams/rivers and thinking of alittle shut eye...For next year try a lodge near the McNeil River..

Just came from a place you can
view all the browns and blacks you want fish for salmon: Hyder, Alaska. It’s world famous and many professional photographers spend days on a platform taking pictures and videos of bears. This year I even got to see a pair of browns mate. Seen lots of both black and brown bears. Hyder has no paved streets and the small population which depend on Stewart, BC, a few miles down the road, for all their supplies. A ranger said next year they would pave the road and start charging to use the platform.

Bella Bella
Try Shearwater resort up near Bella Bella. I hear it’s pretty upscale. Lots of Griz between BB and Bella Coola. Prior to going look for a book called Grizly bears and White Guys for some good background and a little history of the area.