Seek Info about WS Pamlico Lite Tandem

Looking for any info about the WS Pamlico Lite Tandem in fiberglass. Just bought one with a rudder, 15’-3" x 30". Quite well preserved except the seat fabric is rotting out and I need to patch the stern float bag. Hard to find anything info or otherwise online, perhaps it is so old or had a short production run. Now I can take may wife out on our calm bay. It is replacing a horrible SOT tandem that is impossible to paddle and feels like you are riding a horse it is so tall.

The only ones I saw for sale in the past were kevlar. There is one review here that implies they were made from 1995 - 2001.

The 2007 catalog shows a Pamlico 145T Pro made of either fiberglass or kevlar

Just weighed the “Pamlico Lite” at 68 pounds. A little surprised as I was hoping for less. Glad its not “heavy”.

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