Seeking advice about pedal drive kayak for lake fishing

OK. I admit it. Ohio weather has probably shut down my paddling opportunities until the spring thaw.
So now I’m “hibernating” and checking out new gear and tackle (mostly online) and watching fish porn on YouTube. Looking specifically for a pedal drive fishing kayak and would appreciate your input.
This year I found a fishing buddy and we got out quite a lot… mostly on small rivers, but we did get on some local lakes too. I found that while my Tarpon120 does fine on open lake water, when the wind blows I am constantly struggling to hold the boat in place and fish at the same time.
(Paddle, paddle, cast, retrieve, paddle, cast, retrieve, paddle, paddle, cast…etc)
It can be exhausting… and frustrating.
My buddy, who is driving a Jackson Cruise FD, on the other hand is having no trouble holding his boat steady on his target spot hands-free, allowing him to concentrate on his fishing pole and (more importantly) the fish.
Time for me to get a pedal drive.
No, I did not think to trade boats with him for a test drive until after our last lake excursion. Stupid on my part, I know.

I picked up a used 2013 Hobie Revolution 13 pedal drive this past summer for about 50%. What a blast! Pedal kayaks are definitely purposed driven for fishermen rather than paddlers. The fisherman in me wished I had picked this up years ago.

If I hadn’t gotten the used Hobie, I would seriously be looking at this new, lower price point pedal drive – Pelican Catch 130:


I have a need for a pedal powered fishing kayak. I would love the Hobie with the new 360 drive but pretty much anything with a reverse and a rudder.
I have been pulled sideways in my little rec boat with a sturgeon on the line. Being able to control the boat while having my hands occupied with fishing would be a huge bonus.