Seeking Advice on Paddling Lake Amistad NRA

Hi, all. I’m new to the forums. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

We’re considering a trip to Lake Amistad NRA, Texas, in October. Are there any standout areas for SUP that are close to launch areas? We’d like to explore side canyons if possible. Our limits so far have been around 4-5 miles.

What is the wind like typically there in October?

One place we were seriously looking at is the Pecos River at the high bridge.

@gculbertson – I noticed your kayak trip reports. Any advice on places to SUP?

I would be very careful paddling Amistad in October or November since there are several hunting zones and they are all right around the access roads. I would definitely wear my orange PFD

Thanks, @Paddlinpals

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Thank you @exploreTexasbywater