Seeking advice on storage

We just bought a new house need to figure out the best option for storage. In the current garage the kayaks are suspended along one wall using one of those web/sling deals. This works quite well. The new garage is going to be space challenged, however, and it might be better to suspend the kayaks from the ceiling rather than along one wall. Is there a commercially available sling for this purpose? Any advice on how to hang from the ceiling would be appreciated. Thanks.


What about this?

Check here on P-Net
… P-Net here lists two suppliers. Martin Creek makes some, and Talic makes some. Both make stand alone racks, or seperate racks you can bolt to a wall, or wall studs. One makes them from metal, and one makes them from wood.

Good Luck!

I’ve got mine suspended from the ceiling on a lift/pulley system from for about $60.00 (including delivery). Attaches to ceiling joist or beams attached to ceiling, rated for 80 lbs, has safety catch on the ropes which allow for simultaneous lifting of bow and stern. I installed mine in about an hour without and help. Now have room for more clutter on the garage floor (LOL)


I mounted 2X4s flat to the cement wall
with a 22 caliber nail gun. they are six fet apart. Used joist hangers (yes I have no carpentry skills) and triangular scraps as braces. Hung out three wooden arms, used 2 inch wide straps placed 6 feet apart, and used ladder lock side release buckles to adjust them. Store three boats on one 8 foot wall for pretty snort money. No doubt talic would look nicer and be even gentler but…


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with 2x4's lag bolted to the joists in the celing and some homemade strap hooks that hold a standard 1" tiedown strap I've managed to hang 6 boats in a two car garage useing the existing straps used to hold the boats on the car rack. See photos at bottom of the page in this album.

NRS Straps
I use two 12 ft long NRS HD tie-down straps thrown over a ceiling joist to hang kayaks and a solo canoe (a pair for each of course). I tie the strap near the joist to fix the buckle in place and to allow one-person lifting and lowering. I hang the kayaks on their side and the solo canoe upright. I’ve been doing this for a long time with no problems at all. It’s cheap and it works!