Seeking advice: Trolling motor for 17' Grumman canoe? What length shaft?

I just purchased a used 17’ square stern Grumman aluminum canoe and we’re looking at purchasing a Minn Kota trolling motor for use in both salt water and fresh water but I don’t know exactly where to start. I think the canoe weighs around 85 lbs, I weigh approximately 210 lb1s and my wife weighs around 140 lbs. Including gear we’re looking at around 475 lbs in the water. We’d like something powerful enough to move us as swiftly as possible up stream against the wind or against an average to strong current. Also, I’m not sure what length shaft would be best for a square stern canoe?

Finally, if someone has any photos of their trolling motor mounted to the stern of their square stern grumman, can you share close up photos of where it attaches to the transom? I think our canoe is missing a wood transom motor mount but I can replace that easy enough.

Click here for photos of a canoe similar to ours.

Thank you!

There is probably a better place to get that question answered. Most propulsion systems here are human.

The simple answer is any shaft length. You just need the cavitation plate in the water. A regular shaft is fine on a canoe. A square canoe takes a motor better because it has more width in the transom. It is somewhat awkward to reach behind your body to run it.

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