Seeking Blue Hole Canoe Information

Looking for all of the information you have. Blue Hole Canoe OCA-7054 Blue Hole Canoe Company. Thank you in advanced!

Also found a book on the company. Pricey, though.

Blue Hole Canoe Company got started in Nashville, TN By Bob Lantz, Bill Griswold, and a couple others, back around 1972-1973. They did not design or manufacture the first hulls they sold. Their first commercial canoes were generic so-called “Warsaw Rocket” hulls designed and manufactured by Uniroyal at the Warsaw, Indiana Royalex manufacturing plant. Other makers bought and finished these identical canoe hulls.

The Warsaw Rocket hulls were finished with heavy aluminum gunwales and deck plates, and with flattened tubular aluminum thwarts and with seats designed and manufactured in-house. The design of the outfitting was intended to optimize use of these boats for whitewater paddling.

In early 1974, Blue Hole Canoe relocated to Sunbright, TN. They continued to finish and sell the Warsaw Rocket hulls and the first 175 or so boats sold by Blue Hole were the Warsaw Rockets. Blue Hole’s first in-house design was the 15’ 9" OCA (open canoe model A) which they introduced in 1975. The hull was quite similar superficially to the Warsaw Rockets but had a bit more fullness in the ends and a bit more depth to make it more suitable for whitewater use.

I got the Hull ID: TBH10606M82A What can you tell me about the model?

The model is the 15’ 9" tandem OCA as I previously described. It was built and certified with the US Coast Guard in August of 1982.