Seeking dry suit tip

Just got one and used it twice. A few questions:

  1. My feet was wet and uncomfortable. At first I though the bootie leaks. But it didn’t. I think it’s the sweat of my feet! Since the booties are latex not Gore Tex, it doesn’t breath. So what can I do to not feel like my feet are soaking in the tub?

  2. I got the zipper folded over under the PFD once. So at one particular spot, the rubbery cover protecting the zipper won’t stay close. Will that let water in?

The outer placket isn’t water-proof.
Your zipper should be fine all on its own. Try a thin wicking sock under the latex booties.

No joke
you can also try anti-perspirant on your feet.

Wet feet in dry suit
Wear thick absorbant socks.

wool socks
Use a good wool sock. Although your feet will be wet, they will be less uncomfortable.


second the wool socks idea
I too thought my dry suit was leaking but Kokatat told me to pull the legs inside out and fill them with water. the held the water no problem, after an hour of the legs filled i could sense a small amount of dampness but not any beads of water.

I use a wool sock and though it tends to be wet when i finish, i never notice while i am paddling.

smartwool is amazing

How to protect latex
First off, I have the latex booties and I find they do accumulate moisture. Wool socks on the inside are a wonderful thing.

I also pull neoprene socks over the latex, mostly because I’m scared of catching the latex on something and ripping them. Like Saturday, I dragged my boat around a timber jam through a bunch of shiggy, and you know how briars and such can wrap around your ankle when you are bushwacking. The neo socks should also add some warmth, but I don’t know. Do you wear anything on top of your latex booties to protect them?

Wool, plus bootie, plus neo sock makes it tight in my shoes. I’d like to find another pair of Stormsocks, as the ones I have are very thin, but also coming apart after six years of use. Bigger shoe might be the easy answer to that.


I have nothing really positive to add,
but I am very sorry to hear that your bootie leaks. :slight_smile: