Seeking Float Plan examples

I’m trying to finalize a “float plan” sample/form for use by individual members of our informal paddling group, and would appreciate suggestions or links to what other paddlers use or consider to be exemplary. My searching has netted countless references to “file a float plan,” but very little in the way of examples. I do have my own Excel version (probably derived from the BSA years ago), a form from Sea Kayaker magazine, and a form from the NACK website.

The one from

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Sea Kayaker mag seems to be real good. Here's one we give out to mariners. Obviously, it's catered more towards power boaters, but I've had paddlers ask for them as well. Might have a few things on it you may want to use. Most important things for folks to know are to fill out the form completely (there is no such thing as too much information), never deviate from it and to leave it with a responsible person, who will know what to do if you are overdue. Thumbs up on your part for using them. Wish more folks would.

Every question on these forms is important, especially your vehicle info.

I use Microsoft Excel and make my own

float plans
A couple examples

Its one thing to make a float plan or

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paddle plan but its even more important to give it to someone who will do something if the plan is not met ! Reliability is critical. Include on your plan what action should be taken if the plan is not met, who to contact, telephone numbers, etc.