Seeking Green River Information

I am considering a kayak/camping trip down the Green River in Utah and would appreciate recommendations as to sources of information on a calm water paddle down the Green. I would also value any personal suggestions as to best sections to visit, preferred put-in and take-out sites and best time of year to undertake such a paddle. Also appreciated would be advice on shuttle service providers. E-mail responses would be preferred to ensure I receive your information in a timely manner…but postings on this board would be fine too. Thanks!


Green River at least my trip
I put in at Ruby Ranch, and went down to Spanish Bottoms on the Colorado, a nice trip. I took 8 days and traveled solo though hardly a day passed that I did not encounter a few other paddlers.

You need an outfitter to take you to a put in, and to pick you and your boat out.

Plan to carry all your water as the availability of water that can be filtered is scares or nonexistant.

Bugs were not much of an issue on my trip which was in late August to early September.

My outfitter was Tex’s Riverways, of Moab and the total bill for putin to take out was $189.

I would recomend a tent with a rainfly, E-mail me if you would like to hear more, oh Yeah, when are you going and would you like to have company? I’d really like to go do it again.

Here is the information on an outfitter and what to expect on this trip. Labyrinth Canyon a 65 mile paddle or Stillwater Canyon adding another 52 miles if you have the time. This outfitter will pick you up at one or the other. A ride up the Colorado River back to Moabi is 4 hours from Spanish Bottom. Check out the photo album.

This is one of my must do trips in the near future all 120 miles.


Hi Jerry
Any surf up at San O lately?

I think Pikabike has done the Green North of I-80 to Flaming Gorge … I did that in the 70s but don’t remember details.

I’ve done the Green from Flaming Gorge to Brown’s Hole many years ago this is a very nice paddle. With two nice camp locations. IF I remember right there were some class II sections. There is a trip report ,

here with lots of info for the first section

You can also do the Green nearer to Moab, I am not familiar with current outfitters.

Also find a copy of " Down the Colorado" by Maj John Wesley Powell … one of my favorite books , it of course talks about his first trip from Green River Wyoming down to the Confluence, Grand Canyon and exit at lake Havasu.

Have not paddled the Green
Sorry I can’t help with any advice there.

Green River
You are welcome to check my webpage for a photoreport from paddling Green River

from the town of Green River to Mineral Bottom (Labyrinth Canyon):

I would also recommemd Jerry Nolan’s site for more information on Green River:

There are several books and maps available:

I did Green River WYO to Flaming
Gorge Dam in a liesurely 5 days, about 85 miles. The island where John Wesly Powell started his Grand Canyon trip is still a good put in. There’s plenty of water available at the marinas so you’d only need to carry a gallon or two. Plan on a stove for cooking firewood is almost non-existent. If you do this section watch in the sedimentary rocks along the river the first 2 days, see if you think there are dinosaur tracks where the layers are all punched down in a 2 or 3 foot area.

take lots of film

Good luck


green river
check out the BLM as they are the agency who manages this area.

I did a solo 7 day float in Stillwater
last year. Great stuff. Will try and do it every year from now on out.

I have a lot of details concerning outfitters,

etc. on my trip report page.

Trip Journal
I did it two years ago with my Brother, his Fiance and my Dad.

My trip journal including menu is here

and the pictures are here

The Outfitter is Tex’s.

If we did it agin, we’d put in at Ruby ranch and skip the boring first day paddling. I’d also talke some alum (found in the spice isle) and a basin to settle water in before we filting it. We found springs and such, but water was a concern.