Seeking info on 1967 Yukon River trip

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The 1967 Yukon River Flotilla included boats, canoes, kayaks, rafts and amphibious cars. This trip was part of the 1967 Canadian Centennial celebration. It was a 10 day 460 mile trip from Whitehorse down river to Dawson City.

The 1967 flotilla was sponsored by the Yukon Fish and Game Association and lead by experienced river pilots with surveillance provided by Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Air force. Overnight stops featured sandbar dancing, barbecues, and campfire sing-alongs at historic river sites. (Motor Boating Magazine Feb, 1967).

Boy Scouts from Troop 12 Juneau, AK participated.

The August 1972 Yukon River Flotilla seemed to have fewer participants.

I am looking for any information on either trip which might include names of places stopped along the way. Photos would be great.

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heres a start
I would contact Jeff Brady in Skagway. He is a historian and paddler, has written books about the history of Skagway and was part of the original Dyea to Dawson canoe race. He is very knowledgeable on the river and its paddling history. He is the Media Director for the current Yukon River Quest and you can find his contact info on the YRQ website… He will point you in the right direction

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Much information has been gathered since posting.

The flotilla consisted of:

54 craft carrying 153 people, 108 adults, 45 children, and 9 dogs.

Craft sailing :

1 Kayak

2 Rubber rafts

4 Amphicars

4 Inboards

15 Outboards

10 Riverboats

18 Canoes - 6 Powered, 12 Man powered

Some details of the trip can be seen here: